denounce the banks that are fighting against Bitcoin

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am

The project might be a little raw for now, since it’s only beginning, but a lot of Bitcoin users seem to think it’s a great idea. We are talking about the, a website where you can denounce the banks that are retaliating against Bitcoin users and companies related to the virtual currency.

The platform “is intended to be a list of known bad actors in the banking industry”, you can read on the web page. “These are banks that have chosen to arbitrarily punish customers and merchants who have the audacity to support Bitcoin“, they add.

The Bank Blacklist encourages people to know their banks: “AML/KYC? How about we get some grass roots ACB/KYB going instead? Anti-Corrupt Banking/Know Your Banker!”. And to reward the ones that support Bitcoin, there might be also a “Whitelist of good banks in the future”.

For now, the project is generating a lot of positive feedback.

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