Avalon is refunding customers due to late orders

Last updated on January 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 am

The Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Avalon has issued an important update on its chip delivery delay, assuring it’s going to start refunding the customers who haven’t received their order placed before June 1st.

The company is going against its no-refunds policy, since some of the clients have now been waiting for their chips for almost 21 weeks due to “events outside of our control”, claims Avalon.

“While the situation is improving and chips are shipping, we have ultimately decided to revert our policy on no refunds and offer the option for customers to request a full refund (in Bitcoin), if so desired”, explains the statement.

Although we have been seeing, in the last two or three months, information and pictures of batches of chips apparently delivered by the company, there’s apparently no real confirmation about these batches.

The statement also adds that “in other news, for those who decided to wait or wish to know more about delivery schedule will be glad to note we are receiving a batch of 400,000+ chips on Wednesday [September 4], with that we expect to be in good shape for meeting the upcoming deadlines of chip deliveries for orders made in June and later”.

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