Avalon announces the delivery of 800,000 Bitcoin mining ASICs over the next month

Avalon might be preparing to ship some late ASIC chips to their (not so happy) customers. It looks like the first 20,000 out of a remaining 800,000 ASIC chips are on their way to clients, according to The Genesis Block. The company started selling bulk orders of 10,000 ASIC chips (with each chip hashing at an estimated 400 MH/s) in April, predicting the delivery in 10 weeks after the orders were placed.

However, since then, small mishaps have turned into a huge snowball of delays and hundreds of thousands of chips are already two months late.

After a period when Avalon’s communication skills fell down the drain, on August 9th the company made an announcement, but it was not what the clients wanted to hear. Apparently, the startup was receiving extortion threats in China and 200,000 chips were being held up in customs. The latest delivery happened almost one month ago, when 10,000 chips arrived in Switzerland.

Finally, ten days after the first announcement Avalon revealed they were soon starting the delivery of the chips through “other routes”. This way, customers could expect the shipment of 40,000 to 50,000 chips per day. Avalon didn’t explain how the problem was solved.

The August 9th announcement said that 800,000 chips were scheduled to be delivered shortly. With their daily estimate, Avalon should be able to clear all the orders in 25 days.

Via thegenesisblock.com

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