Author of “The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin” launches crowdfunding campaign to expand the project

The first Australian event Beers4Bitcoins is happening this Sunday (29) in Sydney, but that you already know. The date was special enough for the local Bitcoiners, who now have a pub (The Old Fitzroy) where they can use their cryptocurrency to buy beer and other drinks, but the event gets even more special with the presence of Gustaf van Wyk, author of “The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin”.

The ebook was created and launched a couple of months ago to help Bitcoin beginners, covering everything they need to know about cryptocurrency. About the presentation that is happening in Sydney, Gustaf van Wyk said:

As some of you might be aware, I have spent the past nine months writing “The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin” and what a journey it has been. It has been so well received wherever I’ve managed to promote it, especially here in Sydney.

I must thank you all for your support, it’s been really fantastic but the time has come to kick it up a notch.

And what does this mean? “I want to expand the book, as well as publish it physically and globally distribute it. All in an effort to spread the good word on Bitcoin”, the author announced.

In order to achieve this goal, Gustaf van Wyk just launched a crowdfunding campaign, which you can check here and discover the entire project.

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