April 22, 2015

Most recent update: 2:51 pm EDT

(Great Wall of Numbers) After consulting with a number of industry experts, I constructed a rough, but more granular flow of funds based on actual user behavior.

(Inside Bitcoins) The Ripple payment network is facing criticism this week over revelations about the liquidity of some of its assets. It’s come to light that Ripple gateways — the onramps and offramps of the network — have the ability to “freeze” user funds at will. Furthermore, Ripple Labs has already used its influence to convince Bitstamp, a prominent gateway and exchange, to freeze $1 million worth of funds belonging to Ripple’s departed founder Jed McCaleb.

(TechCrunch) A notice issued today instructs customers to log-in into their Mt. Gox account at claims.mtgox.com, from where they can make their attempt at reclamation. (There is also an offline option for those who prefer mountains of paperwork.)

(Let’s Talk Bitcoin) Stephanie, Andreas and Adam speak with early entrepeneur Charlie Shrem.

(The CoinTelegraph) Tether, the first blockchain-enabled platform to allow fiat currency to be used like bitcoin, has officially been released on the instant crypto exchange, ShapeShift. This integration will now make it painlessly easy to dodge bitcoin’s volatility by utilizing the crypto coin version of USD.

(Coin Fire) Bitmain has been working on a solution to mitigating DDoS attacks on AntPool and AntMiners. Rather than attempting to fight fire with fire, the more effective way to minimize the effects of a DDoS attack are to evade the attack, rather than to fight back.

(Traders Magazine) Genesis Trading, a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Currency Group and a division of the broker-dealer SecondMarket, has just opened its doors and launched itself as the first U.S. broker-dealer to specialize in the trading of digital currencies, including bitcoin.

(CoinDesk) New York Department of Financial Services superintendent Benjamin M. Lawsky anticipates the final version of the BitLicense regulatory framework will be released sometime before the end of May.


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