April 1, 2015

Most recent update: 11:47am EDT

(Forbes) Two of the law enforcement agents involved in the tangled multi-agency investigation into the Silk Road have been charged by the Department of Justice for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars (at the very least) in bitcoin.

(CCN) Invoiced.com, a billing service that allows businesses to create invoices and accept online payments, has started to allow its customers to accept bitcoin.

(Inside Bitcoins) The former DEA agent who is accused of extorting Silk Road administrator Dread Pirate Roberts and stealing funds from the former online marketplace was also a compliance officer at bitcoin exchange CoinMKT during his time at the DEA.

(Coin Fire) Payza has expressed interest in the cryptocurrency and is preparing an update to the platform that adds the ability for merchants to begin accepting bitcoin and exchange it for another currency or to hold the coins.


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