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“Alarmingly” Transparent Editorial Operations

Coin Fire has begun implementing a variety of transparent operations in a way some critics consider “alarming.”

We’ve spoken in the past about transparent financials (launching soon), we’ve opened up our Editorial Dashboard for Coin Fire Plus members, and our editorial team has been working hard on creating a series of materials that will be launched as open source for anyone to use.

Wednesday evening, we launched the Editorial Dashboard in an early, watch-only version for Plus members. Coin Fire Plus is the value-added subscription of Coin Fire. This new feature allows Plus members the opportunity to review our upcoming features, view the various steps of each story underway, and review the backend of our operations.

It is still early and we’ve got a lot more work to do to make our backend operations more transparent for readers, but we are always progressing…every single day.

We will add more review options for readers inside the Editorial Dashboard as our development team continues writing support for our Coin Fire Plus members. In the current revision, members can view upcoming stories and drill down into them to see each story’s status.

Users can drill down to a specific story.

The details inside a draft story include the contributors and staff working on a story, the number of internal discussion posts, and other items. In the near future, additional options will be opened up for Plus members to review further items.

Complete overview of story.

We are also working on a new feature where Coin Fire Plus members will be able to vote on the stories they would like to see our editorial team focus on, putting our readers more in control as “managing editors” of sorts.

We believe in being transparent, even “alarmingly” transparent to our readers, and are committed to sharing this information with our readers. Stay tuned as we add additional features, policies, and items.

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