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Eliot Prince

Journalist, content writer, perpetual traveler

eliot princeEliot has been working with cryptocurrencies since 2016. Following 3 years of journalism experience in the UK, he was looking for ways to build a location independent content writing business. Regular travel coupled with clients across the globe led him to Bitcoin, a potentially borderless digital currency.

Since then, cryptocurrency has fascinated Eliot allowing him to work to educate others through his writing. The industry growth provided extensive opportunity for Eliot to use his journalism skills to collaborate with online publications and companies.

He believes it is important to help move cryptocurrency and blockchain into the mainstream, educating people with unbiased clear information.

Cryptocurrency is sometimes hard to understand. I think there’s a lot of misguided, complex or false information in the world that loses people money or puts them off it.” explains Eliot.

His work within the cryptocurrency industry takes several forms including writing consumer reviews at 99Bitcoins and Coincentral, Cryptoslate news reports, marketing blockchain solutions and educational resources like Cryptodegree.

He now bases himself in Europe but works with businesses and publications across the globe including New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Isreal and more. With an ever more connected world, Eliot continues to work for the growth of blockchain to make conducting online business smoother.

You can find out more about Eliot on his personal website or Medium page. Eliot can also be reached via email – eliot [at]99bitcoins [dot]com.

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