A new and special Bitcoin trading platform is arriving in July

It’s the Bitcoin platform for the active traders, the ones that want to deal with “millions of dollars”. We present to you Coinsetter, the effective and powerful new trading service that is being launched in July and will be directed to Wall Street’s professionals who want to connect and work with Bitcoin.

“Right now people can buy and sell Bitcoins, but there isn’t a platform out there that gives people the comfort to actively trade millions of dollars on it”, said the founder and CEO of the company, Jaron Lukasiewicz. “Coinsetter is entering the market as a platform that brings the reliability needed to sustain high-volume, high-performance trading”, he adds.

The platform is now ready to start working, after raising 500 thousand dollars in April, thanks to the investments of Tribeca Venture Partners and SecondMarket. The start-up will be based in New York (USA), at the shared office space Fueled Collective.

Besides effectiveness, Coinsetter is also putting the big bucks on safety, since they are supposedly dealing with loaded clients. “No company is immune to hacking. It’s a very high priority that we focus on every day”, explains Jaron Lukasiewicz. In order to better protect their clients, Coinsetter will do some inside work, but also hire outside firms to do security audits to the platform’s activity.

According to its founder, the company will also be regularly consulting with highly regarded Bitcoin security companies and keep testing the platform. All this because Coinsetter is different: the new service has features – like shorting or margin trading – which aren’t currently provided by most platforms.

Coinsetter’s main goal is to encompass the qualities of other services and even aggregate other platforms. “We envision a very large company that provides multiple Wall Street-related services within Bitcoin“, Jaron Lukasiewicz adds, predicting a super successful future for Bitcoin and, of course, for Coinsetter.

Via thenextweb.com

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Davide - DTTW
Davide - DTTW

Looks interesting. Wondering what the actual commissions on this new Bitcoin market will be.