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9 of the best and most popular Satoshi Squares

Conventional currencies got Wall Street and the city business districts. But cryptocurrency has a more creative version of it, known as Satoshi squares, where Bitcoiners can meet and trade on the street. Here’s a list of some of the most popular Satoshi Squares!

1. Union Square New York

Union Square New York mod

Bitcoiners from New York gather every Monday evening in Union Square to buy and sell crypto-coins.

2. LA Open Air Bitcoin Exchange

LA Open Air Bitcoin Exchange mod

The LA Satoshi Square usually happens at the Grand Park to spread the awareness about Bitcoin.

3. Satoshi Square Bratislava

Satoshi Square Bratislava Slovakia mod

Slovakia’s biggest Satoshi Square happens in Bratislava, at Michalská 581/3.

4. Buttonwood Meetup in San Francisco

Buttonwood meetup in San Francisco mod

Bitcoiners in San Francisco get together at the steps of Yerba Buena Gardens, across from St. Patrick Church on Mission Street.

5. Satoshi Square Tel Aviv

Satoshi Square Tel Aviv mod

The first Satoshi Square meetup in Tel Aviv, Israel, happened about a month ago and the local Bitcoiners want more!

6. Miami Satoshi Square

Miami Satoshi Square mod

Miami Bitcoiners chose a nice place to hold their Satoshi Squares: the Bayside Marketplace.

7. Boston Buttonwood Exchange

Boston Buttonwood Exchange mod

The first and probably only open air exchange of Bitcoins in Boston, hosted by the Bitcoin-friendly restaurant Veggie Galaxy.

8. Bitcoin Exchange Berlin (BXB)

Bitcoin Exchange Berlin (BXB) mod

One of the cities that loves Bitcoin the most in the entire world has a cryptocurrency exchange that usually happens at the Platoon Kunsthalle.

9. Satoshi Square: Toronto Edition

Satoshi Square Toronto Edition mod

Since Canada likes its virtual coins so much, nothing more natural than having its own Satoshi Squares: Toronto is just one example.

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