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9 Awesome Bitcoin illustrations

The Bitcoin community is composed of free-minded and creative people, we already knew it. But these nine illustrations made by cryptocurrency aficionados are over the top!

1. The Bitcoin monk

The Bitcoin Monk mod

Could this be Satoshi and his followers? One day, thousands or maybe millions of Bitcoiners could be adoring this image.

2. Fiery and fierce Bitcoin

Fiery Bitcoin mod

There’s an expression that implies that having “the heart of a lion” is being brave and fearless. And that’s exactly what Bitcoin is!

3. Dutch Bitcoin

Dutch Bitcoin mod

A special Bitcoin bill from the Netherlands inspired by the Christmas spirit.

4. It’s one small step for Bitcoin

The Eagle Has Landed mod

The image used to celebrate Bitcoin’s greatest milestone so far: surpassing the $1,000 price barrier!

5. Bitcoin, the “moon”

Which direction is Bitcoin Heading mod

Bitcoin is the full moon and the Bitcoiners are the wolves who howl to honor it.

6. Bitcoin graffiti

Bitcoin Black Swan graffiti  mod

A graffiti artist decided to pay tribute to Bitcoin with this cryptocurrency black swan.

7. Bitcoin in 3D

Bitcoin in 3D mod

What happens when a Bitcoin illustration is transformed into something real thanks to 3D technology? Well, this is a good example.

8. Pay with Bitcoin


The word from the streets demands you to pay for stuff with your Bitcoins. Yo!

9. Believe in Bitcoin

Believe in Bitcoin mod

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an unidentified flying object? No, it’s Bitcoin!

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