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How 7.9 million people adopt Bitcoin in the Middle East

Today’s post is about a small country that inhabits 7.9 million people in the middle east called Israel. Since I live in Israel I decided to take this week and explore how this small country which is pretty keen on new technologies is adopting Bitcoin. Here’s what I found.

You can get your neutered by this dude

Dr. Raphi Kishon is a certified vet and he accepts Bitcoin. Apparently you can also get pet supplies & pet haircuts using Bitcoin in another store up north.

Go out to a bar or eat at a restaurant in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is Israel’s main city for nightlife and entertainment. It is also considered to be one of the 10 best nightlife cities in the world. Throughout Tel Aviv today you can use Bitcoin to eat a restaurant located on Shenkin st., have a drink at the OctoBar or have a vegan meal at a vegan bar-restaurant.

Stay at a bedouin village for the night

There are currently two guest houses in Israel that accept Bitcoin. Most of them deal with new age workshops. You can also find additional new age stuff to buy with Bitoin such as mystical lockets and self awareness classes.

Have a Dungeons & Dragons birthday for your kid

One service offered for Bitcoin in Israel is a kids activity for birthdays and such in the form of a Dungeons & Dragons game. You can also book a band for your wedding using Bitcoins and while you’re at it get a bridal makeover.

Get a cool printed shirt

One of the nicest shops I’ve visited was Mooz. A print shop for T-shirts. They have been accepting Bitcoin for several months now and has already made 8 transactions in the store and on their website.

Israel’s Bitcoin meetups are the 2nd largest in the world

There is a very active community of Bitcoin ehnthusiastics in Israel. 773 members total meet at least once a month to discuss different Bitcoin issues and ideas. Also the Israeli Bitcoin Facebook group is one of the largest in proportion to Israel’s population with over 1,000 members.

So it seems that Israel, although very small is adopting Bitcoin quickly. Maybe the fact that “everybody knows everybody” is one of the reasons that the rumor about Bitocin is spreading so fast.

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  1. How amazing. We’ve just started MeetUps in my city, the second one is on Thursday this week and if we get just 2% of the numbers that you get in Israel, will make my day.

    I’m gonna get promoting… 🙂

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