Crypto Printing: the best of two worlds

The new website 3DP4BTC is exploring options in the Bitcoin world, as they offer custom 3D printing for digital currency. News of the week: you can now order anything a 3D printer can create and pay for it with cryptocurrency.

This is how you join two disruptive technologies, 3D printing and Bitcoin, in something called Crypto Printing. It’s not that surprising, since these two tech innovations have grabbed all the attention out there lately. But how does this match made in heaven works? Crypto Printing showcases their NFC-enabled Bitcoin and Litecoin simulacra, for instance, in their website.

Purchasing these products is pretty easy, as the system is quite intuitive: just add your choice to the shopping cart, enter your shipping information and pay with digital currency using BitPay. The simulacra are offered for $17 per Bitcoin/Litecoin or $30 for the pair.



While these NFC-enabled simulacra are the website’s flagship products, they’re not the only possibilities coming from Crypto Printing. In fact they offer custom 3D printing.

So, with only a few Bitcoins at your disposal you can now print pretty much anything that a 3D printer can produce. Just use the website’s custom orders form to provide an STL file and your contact information. They’ll get back to you with a price and any other information.


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