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2014 Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl: Bitcoiners get exclusive access to pre-sale tickets

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It’s Bitcoin history: not only the world’s most famous cryptocurrency now sponsors a special sports event –  the 2014 Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl -, but the Bitcoiners are now the first group to have access to the pre-sale of tickets for the competition.

The Bowl, a postseason college football game matching up the Atlantic Coast Conference against the American Athletic Conference, is scheduled for December 26th. The tickets can be bought via the event’s official website, which also contains information for fans traveling to St. Petersburg, and news about the game and the teams which will be participating.


The payment processor BitPay announced this Wednesday (15th) that the ticket pre-sale is “exclusive to Bitcoin purchases, giving the Bitcoin community a two week head-start to get the best seats in the house before tickets are available through other payment methods”. According to the company, big groups composed of 16 people or more can book suites that are currently available inside the stadium with full catering service.

“We look forward to packing the stands at the Bitcoin Bowl with the Bitcoiners who have raised digital currency awareness and driven Bitcoin’s adoption”, the company wrote on a statement published on its official blog.

BitPay teamed up with the subsidiary ESPN Events back in June, landing a major sponsorship for Bitcoin and therefore changing the title of the annual college football postseason game played in St. Petersburg. The deal is valid until the end of the 2016 season.

But that is not all. BitPay is developing a partnership with the travel agency Traveling Coin to announce the launch of, “the only official Bitcoin Bowl travel site where all packages can be purchased with Bitcoin“.

Football and digital currency fans attending the Bowl can choose from a variety of area hotels, game tickets, transportation, and events through the site, which will be accepting credit cards along with bitcoin payments. Users can choose from ready-made travel packages or can create and pay for their own custom itineraries in minutes.

Also, the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl will feature a fan zone fully dedicated to Bitcoin. “Fans at the game can use Bitcoin to play games and purchase merchandise, exchange dollars for digital currency with Bitcoin ATMs, and learn about innovative new products and technologies being built by BitPay, our sponsors, and our partners within the Bitcoin space”, the company also announced. The new fans that want to learn more about Bitcoin can talk to one of the Bitcoin wallet providers that will be present at the event.

In the meantime, BitPay has established another goal related to the sports event: to sign up 100 local businesses in St. Petersburg (Florida) before the game day.

Images source: 2014 Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl’s website 

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