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20 Cheap things people can buy online with Bitcoin

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Forget the expensive cars, condos or even the plane… Today, created a list of items you can actually buy with less than one Bitcoin (taking into account that the digital coin is worth between $80 to $90 dollars these days).

Brace yourself, here comes the Bitcoin shopping spree!

1. Eveready lithium photo battery

Eveready e2 EL1CR2BP Lithium Photo Battery mod

Find this useful item for 0.0463 BTC (equal to $4.20), at Bitcoinstore.

2. Total Training for Microsoft Windows 8

Total Training for Microsoft Windows 8 mod

This award-winning video training will turn you into an expert for 0.2333 BTC (equal to $21.17), at Bitcoinstore.

3. Tortuga original Caribbean rum cake

Tortuga Original Caribbean Rum Cake mod

The cake that makes any pirate go “aaaawwwwrrrrrr”! For only 0.30759 BTC (equal to $29.99), at Bitmit.

4. Plantronics T20 headset telephone

Plantronics T20 Headset Telephone mod

A complete and dual-line telephone with an ergonomically designed and convertible headset for 0.7959 BTC (equal  to $72.63), at Bitcoinstore.

5. HTC Desire

HTC Desire mod

Get an HTC Desire rooted and flashed to PagePlus for 0.5179 BTC (equal to $ 50.50), at Bitmit.

6. EMD acoustic guitar

EMD Acoustic Guitar mod

This beautiful acoustic guitar with a high gloss finish can be yours for 0.433 BTC (equal  to $39.21), at Bitcoinstore.

7. Aleratec CD/DVD shredder

Aleratec CD DVD Shredder mod

Shred everything with this powerful machine for 0.6534 BTC (equal to $59.17), at Bitcoinstore.

8. Ainol Novo 7 Legend

Ainol Novo 7 Legend 8GB Dual Core CPU Quad Core GPU mod

This tablet with 8 gigabytes, a Dual Core CPU and Quad Core GPU can be your next gadget for 0.4231 BTC (equal to $ 40.79), at Bitmit.

9. DELL P2212H 21.5″ LCD monitor

DELL P2212H 21.5 inch LCD Monitor mod

A new television to watch your favorite programs for 0.8205 BTC (equal to $ 80.00), at Bitmit.

10. Vivitar ViviCam S529 16 megapixel compact camera

Vivitar ViviCam S529 16 Megapixel Compact Camera mod

Capture the best moments with this camera for 0.7089 BTC (equal to $64.52), at Bitcoinstore.

11. Aluratek AEBK07FS digital text reader

Aluratek AEBK07FS Digital Text Reader

Read, read, read! This digital text reader with a “7 inch can be yours for 0.9436 BTC (equal to $77.86), at Bitcoinstore.

12. Gucci shoulder messenger bag for men

GUCCI Men Shoulder Messenger Bag-246067PVC mod

Boost your style with this bag for only 0.68 BTC (equal to $66.30), at Bitmit.

13. Sapient Timecheck watch

Sapient Timecheck Watch mod

The perfect watch for the most brave people, for 0.51282 BTC (equal to $ 50.00), at Bitmit.

14. Dell B1160 Laser Printer

Dell B1160 Laser Printer mod

Print in every type of paper with this printer that can be in your house or office for 0.8855 BTC (equal to $76.16), at Bitcoinstore.

15. 10,000 Facebook likes

10000 Facebook mod

Get 10,000 likes on your Facebook profile or thousands of fans for your web page for 0.51282 BTC (equal to $50.00), at Bitmit.

16. Acoustic Research ARS15 Speaker System

Acoustic Research ARS15 Speaker System mod

Get more sound from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet with this device for 0.5811 BTC (equal to $48.00), at Bitcoinstore.

17. Nike Air trainers


Dress your feet with the best for only 0.51282 BTC (equal to $50.00), at Bitmit.

18. Bitcoin hip flask


This 5 Oz hip flask with the Bitcoin emblem is made of stainless steel and can be yours for only 0.28893 BTC (equal to $28.17), at Bitmit.

19. Pirulin Best Venezuelan chocolate

Pirulin Best Venezuelan chocolate mod

You can have this awesome and tasty basket of Venezuelan Pirulin at home for 0.15385 BTC (equal to $15.00), at Bitmit.

20. Acer Service/Support


Get this two-year extended Acer service for 0.5544 BTC (equal to $47.69), at Bitmit.

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  1. There is another site that sells facebook likes too for bitcoin…

    They also sell youtube likes, youtube subscribes, ect. 😀

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