1911 United PAC is the first to support cryptocurrency and Bitcoin-friendly candidates

The 1911 United super PAC, the first African-American Political Action Committee (PAC) to support President Obama in 2012, has decided to step ahead and become the first group of its kind to harvest support for what the committee calls “Bitcoin candidates”. In other words, democratic political candidates who support cryptocurrency.

Besides backing up Bitcoin, the 1911 United is also accepting Bitcoin through a “unique program”. The system allows the donors to help a Bitcoin candidate supported by the PAC via a Bitcoin-friendly crowdfunding website. In this case, the committee is working with Coinfunder.

“Our program democratizes the endorsement process“, announced the PAC’s spokesperson, Frederick Butler, on a statement.

“The goal of our organization is to support candidates who promote the social and economic freedoms of its citizens, and this program is just an extension of that. We aren’t just trying to change politics, we want to change the culture of political engagement”, he added.

1911 United’s page on Coinfunder was created on December 23rd and wants to gather 77.26 BTC. The project’s page is focused on the upcoming election cycle: “we want to throw our support behind a progressive candidate for office who supports Bitcoin (…). We want to offer everyday people the opportunity to unite and influence the political landscape in a way that allows Bitcoin to be seen for what it is – currency freedom“.

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