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17 Small businesses that accept Bitcoins

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Every Bitcoiner’s dream is to pay for their breakfast at the local cafeteria with some digital coins. Small businesses are quickly adopting cryptocurrency and, who knows…? Your favorite coffee shop or small favorite restaurant might be on our list today!

1. Stadscafe De Waag

Stadscafe De Waag mod

This coffee shop, in the Netherlands, even put up a sign warning their clients about the news.

2. Thelonious Monkfish

Thelonious Monkfish in cambridge mod

This Asian fusion restaurant, located in Cambridge, already accepts cryptocurrency.

3. Brooklyn Bagels

BrooklynBagels mod

Get your delicious bagels at this small coffee shop, in Henderson.

4. Dmitry Savchenko Art Photography

Dmitry Savchenko Art Photography mod

Pay for your photos with Bitcoin at this studio in Los Angeles.

5. Tostadero Recording Studio

Tostadero Recording Studio mod

This recording studio, in Barcelona, will give you 10% off if you pay in Bitcoins.

6. Southwedge Colony Bar & Grille

Southwedge Colony Bar & Grille mod

Pay for your gourmet burgers and special drinks with cryptocurrency at this bar in Rochester (USA).

7. Fabelhaft Bar

Fabelhaft Bar mod

Berlin is known for being one of the places with the biggest number of Bitcoin businesses and this bar is just one of them.

8. Carena Bar

Carena Bar mod

You can find this Bitcoin bar at Kefalonia, in Greece.

9. Shawson Plastics

Shawson Plastics South Africa mod

Buy your plastics in South Africa with cryptocurrency at Shawson Plastics.

10. BooshWorks

BooshWorks mod

This full service design and print shop, located in Chicago, accepts your Bitcoins.

11.  Dark Stone Bromelias Practice Center

Dark Stone Bromelias Practice Center Brazil mod

This practice center is located in the Atlantic forest of Brazil and accepts cryptocurrency.

12. Peeper Ranch

Peeper Ranch mod

Peeper Ranch is the largest equestrian facility in the Kansas City area and can be found in the city of Lenexa (USA).

13. Tempe Farmers Market

tempe farmers market mod

This farmers market, in Tempe (USA), allows you to buy your fresh drinks, for instance, with Bitcoins.

14. LedetDesigns Powell

Ledet Designs Powell Ohio, in Ohio, already accepts Bitcoin.

15. Sanshinkai Aikido Center

Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht mod

Train the Japanese martial art of Aikido in this center located in Utrecht, Netherlands.

16. Galilee Bedouin Camplodge

Galilee Bedouin Camplodge mod

The city of Tabash, in Israel, welcomes your Bitcoin through this camplodge.

17. Vegemesta

vegemesta mod

Exchange your Bitcoins for great burgers at Vegemesta, in Helsinki, Finland.

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