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16 Awesome and useful Bitcoin calculators

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Because having a calculator at hand is always useful, especially in the world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Examiner decided to look for the best online devices out there to show you and make your life simpler.

1. Bitcoin Mining Calculator


This page will tell you how much you can expect to earn (both in Bitcoin and US dollars) mining Bitcoins over different time periods, according to the current difficulty factor. All you need to do is enter your hash rate and the calculator will provide instantaneous calculations and the most accurate results.

2. Bitcoin Calculator


Well, nothing can be simpler than using this calculator: just type the amount of fiat currency you have available and you’ll see how much Bitcoins that amount of money can buy. Or use the ‘swap conversion’ button and do it the other way around.

3. Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator


This is probably one of the most complete calculators you can find online: provide the information asked and you will get the most accurate results regarding mining profitability.

4. Bitcoin Melt Value Calculator for Gold


Find out the total Bitcoin value of your gold items with this calculator. You’ll also find a calculator for silver in the same website.

5. BitClockers Bitcoin Mining Calculator


Find out your mining outcome with the help of this complete calculator.

6. TP’s Bitcoin Calculator


Discover how much your Bitcoin mining rig can earn you with this calculator. The difficulty and exchange rate information are updated about once an hour.

7. Coinish Bitcoin Mining Calculator


This calculator provides the mining results you can achieve with your hardware setup. You can use it through one of the two modes available: “novice” and “expert”.

8. Easy ?itCoin Mining Calculator


If you know your hash-rate per second and need to discover other numbers – like the Bitcoins or US dollars you can earn per day or month – use this simple calculator and you’ll find out in no time.

9. CoinMill Currency Converter


Find out how much are your Bitcoins worth in any currency thanks to this currency convertor always up to date.

10. BTC Mining Calculator


This simple-looking calculator computes average profits from Bitcoin mining.

11. Mining Profit Calculator 2.0


With this complete online device, you can calculate the results provided by your Bitcoin mining hardware.

12. Profitability Calculator


Find out how much does one block cost according to the difficulty level and hash rate per second, as well as power usage.

13. Bitcoin Security Calculator


A complete Bitcoin calculator, but only for the Russian users.

14. Cryptocurrency Mining Profitability


Besides providing information about your daily return and mining profitability, this calculator will also tell you which cryptocurrency is the most profitable to mine and trade.

15. BTC Globe Calculator


A different type of calculator that will help you predict the future value of Bitcoins.

16. BitcoinMiningCalculator.Org


Find out how much you’re going to earn according to your mining pool.

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