15 Sites for All of Your Crypto Questions

Last updated on March 1st, 2018 at 05:11 pm

Since Bitcoin can sometimes be a hard concept to grasp and there are so many aspects to it like trading, investing, mining etc. it sometimes can be overwhelming. We get many questions sent to us and sometimes even we don’t know the answer. When that happens here’s where we turn to.

List of Large established Bitcoin and altcoin forums

BitcoinTalk – The most reputable Bitcoin forum, founded on June 2011. The forum discusses mainly Bitcoin although there is a small altcoin section. You can also find specific language section for up to 18 different languages.

LitecoinTalk – The leading forum for Litecoin, the next most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. This forum is pretty much a “copy paste” version of BitcoinTalk only for Litecoin and was created on October 2011.

CryptoCoinTalk – This forum is intended for a wider array of CryptoCoins. Although it does seem to have a fair amount of traffic I have found that I get fewer responses on this forum.

Doges – If you’re into Dogecoin then Doges is the leading Dogecoin forum at the moment. Even though the traffic on Doges is about 1/8 of BitcoinTalk’s the forum seems to be very active.

Stack Exchange (Bitcoin) – Stack exchange was initially a question/answer website intended for developers. It later on developed into different aspect one of them being Bitcoin. The site works on a reputation based method where users get to vote on the best answer which will be displayed first.

Reddit (Bitcoin) – A more simple information source would be Reddit. Originally used as a link submission site you can also post on Reddit and ask specific questions. Keep in mind that since Reddit works through a voting system it may be harder to get your question answered as it may be down-voted. Like Stack Exchange comments on your posts will also be voted upon and the highest ones will show on the top.

Quora (Bitcoin) – The popular questions/answers site also has a specific Bitcoin section.

Bitcoin Security – An active authoritative Russian forum about Bitcoin security.

List of smaller Bitcoin and altcoin forums

Bitcoin Garden – A smaller but active forum about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Forum – An unofficial Bitcoin forum.

Bitcoin Foundation Forum – If you have questions which regard the Bitcoin foundation and it’s work this is the place to ask.

Let’s talk Bitcoin – A small community forum of the website LTB which supplies podcasts about Bitcoin.

PeercoinTalk – The official Peercoin forum.

DarkcoinTalk – The official Darkcoin forum.

Feathercoin forum – The official Feathercoin forum.

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  1. This is a good list and if I can make a recommendation, mastersofcrypto forum is another bitcoin/altcoin forum that is rapidly growing. Their mobile site needs to some work, but they have solid info for beginners. ***Link Removed***

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