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100,000 Ðoge Giveaway on Chain Radio

Chain Radio will be taking to the airwaves tonight to announce that they will be giving away 100,000 Ðogecoins via a new giveaway on the station at 9pm Eastern we’ve learned here at Coin Fire.

The ÐOGE DIG 100K GIVEAWAY is being put on by Chain Radio and each day at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific, 4pmUTC) details on how to enter for that day will be given out.

The official giveaway will take place on August 28th after all of the entries have been gathered and a winner will be selected at random to win.

The ways of entering the giveaway will be random each day with some days being as easy as entering a magic keyword on the Chain Radio website and other days watching for a special tweet via the @ChainRadio account.

The move which is sure to appeal to the Doge community we’ve been told will take unique aspects of the Doge community including offering ways to enter via the Doge subreddit, a few different Doge related sites and via entries across some Doge related IRC channels.

While details are sparse at this time we have confirmed that the schedule on the Chain Radio website is showing an announcement to take place at 9pm EDT.

With the recent decline in prices of Ðogecoin it isn’t shocking the station is able to give away such a large number of the coin but the number is still nothing to sneeze at in a community that is driven by tipping small levels of the currency to others freely.

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