10,000 Bitcoin mining ASIC chips are on their way to the European customers

Europe finally received its first batch of Avalon ASIC chips, which were delivered in Switzerland. It’s 10,000 devices with a power of 282 MH/s standard clock and an estimated 300 MH/s overclock each, which make part of a bigger shipment produced by the company that can increase Bitcoin network hashrate by 500 percent.

Since these customized chips designed to mine Bitcoins require being set on PCB boards before the users can start producing cryptocurency, the ASICs are being shipped to the customers. Then, they will be set on the boards by the users or by companies like Burnin.

After ordering the chips in April, the devices took 99 days to arrive. According to Zefir, the Reddit user that is distributing the ASICs, this is the first of a total seven batches that will arrive with 10,000 chips each. The device had an original individual price of  0.078 BTC, but Zefir added a 9.9 percent fee for his service and another 10 percent fee for taxes, which should elevate the price at 0.1 BTC per chip.

If the expectations revealed by Zefir were fulfilled, the chips were driven into Germany for shipping and should now be on their way to the customers. Happy mining!

Via thegenesisblock.com

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