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10 Amazing Bitcoin T-shirts and accessories

Living the Bitcoin lifestyle goes beyond mining the coins and shopping using the cryptocurrency. To complete our huge awesomeness level as virtual currency users, we want you not just to feel Bitcoin, but also to look Bitcoin, if you know what we mean.

Here are some Bitcoin-themed lifestyle items that you’ll want to be spotted in.

1. Bitcoin Smart Money T-shirt

 Bitcoin Smart Money T Shirt for BTC Lovers mod

Choose the smart labor way with this awesome T-Shirt!

2. It’s Time For Plan B T-shirt

Its time for plan B mod

When the first plan doesn’t work, it’s time for plan Bitcoin, according to this T-shirt.

3.  Make Bitcoin, Not War T-shirt

Bitcoin not Bombs mod

Let’s spread the Bitcoin power and knowledge through the world. First step? Use this T-shirt.

4. Bitcoin Enthusiasts Ring

Bitcoin Ring mod

If you love Bitcoin, put a ring on it. Or better, put a Bitcoin ring, like this one made of stainless steel, on your finger. Show some love!

5. Bitcoin Gear Black Hat

The perfect hat for the Bitcoiner that likes to go out and take a walk between mining a few coins and investing some cryptocurrency.

6. Amazing Bitbands

BitBands mod

Oh, yes, we do! Show your support with these BitBands.

7. Gold Plated Bitcoin Tie Pin

Gold Plated Bitcoin tie pin

This Bitcoin tie pin is made of metal with antique gold plating. Ideal for the Bitcoin entrepreneur.

8. Bitcoin Jacket Buttons

Bitcoin Jacket Buttons mod

These metal buttons are the perfect complement for your jacket.

9. Bitcoin Card Holder

Bitcoin Card Holder mod

This Bitcoin-themed credit card or business card holder, made with a leaker-like material, helps you keep your belongings organized.

10. Golden Casascius Bitcoin Pendant

Golden Bitcoin Pendant mod

Boost your style with this Bitcoin pendant. Get your bling bling on with cryptocurrency!

For more Cryptocurrency gear you can also check out Coingears.

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