״Circle CEO: Nobody Will Be Using Bitcoin in 5 to 10 Years״ – CoinJournal | $744.86

“Our view is that we’re still in the really early stages of the technology and its development. It’s highly unlikely that any of us will be using Bitcoin in five or ten years. In the same way that – how many of us use NCSA Mosaic or Netscape Navigator?”

Allaire went on to say that bitcoin is likely doomed for two reasons: lack of regulations and, surprisingly, inconsistent use. Despite all we hear about activity in China and its ongoing acceptance rate, Allaire says when you really stop and look at how often bitcoin is used throughout the world, it’s nothing to get excited about. In the long run, fiat remains far more popular than bitcoin, and digital currency could phase out sooner rather than later.


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Terry McKinney

sounds like a circle jerk to me.